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Stonefly is a group from my hometown,Yakima, WA.
I just got Stonefly's new C.D.! It has some great new songs! Keep watchin' for new clips from it! Look under links to find out how to buy it on the web at a great price!

Stonefly clips
All files are Mp3 16 kbps. These were all made with the best CD ripper out there. Music Match Jukebox.

Broken Heart Day
Forest Hut
Mystery Queen
I Bow Down

click to see full size click to see full size

Band Info

Hey I'm living out of town... actually I'm out of state... so I don't know what is going on I'll try to get some info and post it as soon as I can.


Stonefly Website: Great Stonefly Site.
Pure Rock Net: Great place to find out how Stonefly's current release is doing on the charts.
Buy it at place I found it!)
Trinity Baptist Church: Website for my church.

The bands official web site is currently under construction... Keep watching for it!

Contact Stonefly

The Rock Page
If you have icq contact me with it. 
If not, you need to get it, for now you can use one of the bottom three buttons to get ahold of me. 
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